Star Lighting Division

LED Screen P3.91

Video: Led Screen P3.91 - Star Lighting Division
Description:Dot Pitch 3.91mm
16 milions colors
Setup: 1 LED RGB SMD Black Face
Resolution for plate: 128x128 pixels
Vision Angle 140°
1100cd/m² Brightness
IP54 (Indoor)
Life: 100.000 horas
Contruction: Alumínium Die-casting
Modules with magnetic attachment, and quick couplings: easy maintenance and assembly.
Refresh Rate > 1920Hz
New Star System

Dimensions: 50 X 50 X 8,5 cm
Weight: 8,5 Kg
Consumption: 600W/M2
Power: 220V

* Fixation through Hanging Bar.

* Warranty: 1 year
The products technical information may change without notice.